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What is white coal?
  • It is a coal substitute made from agriculture and forest waste.

  • This white coal can be efficiently used to replace coal and fire wood.

  • The fuel briquettes are converted from the agro waste to solid cylindrical shape logs using very high mechanical pressure, without help of any chemical or binder

White coal the vital source of energy

With fast depletion of energy resource and reserves like coal, petroleum etc., scientists thought of management of agro waste and developed means of converting these in to energy sources which now contributes to solve the energy problems, Moreover use of agro waste in the form of solid briquettes by adopting the bracketing technology will not arrest the ever increasing dimination of conventional fuel i.e. furriness oil, coal lignite and fire wood etc., but with also reduce costly imports and save foreign currency and be helpful to utilize vast resources of agro waste, forestry waste and industrial waste, it is a step further to make our country self reliant and pollution free.      

Properties of white coal

  • Consistent quality.
  • Cheaper rates as against other fuels such as coal and fire wood.
  • High caloric value ranging between 3600/4200 Kcals.
  • Efficient fuel ideally sized 90 mm Dia and 6" and 12" length.
  • Low ash contents as compared to steam coal to hard coke.
  • No pollution as it does not emit any sulphur or phosphorous chemicals.
  • Easy for feeding due to its proper size for handing and does not stair cloths at all.
  • Moisture contents nil because white coal is totally dry.

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